Do Your Employees or Tenants Drive Electric Cars?

Install EV chargers on your Columbus, OH & Central Ohio area property

Electric cars have been increasing in popularity lately. If you want your apartment complex or business to stay competitive, install EV chargers with Scioto Industrial Services, LLC in Columbus, OH.

We'll discuss all your options with you and install your chargers as soon as possible. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our EV charger installation services.

Discover the benefits of installing EV chargers

You may be wondering if EV chargers are worth the investment. Well, when you install these around your property, you'll:

Put your business on the map
Your company will appear as an EV charging station on maps, which can bring in more foot traffic.

Attract new tenants and employees
Having a convenient charging station can be a huge selling point for employees or tenants with electric cars.

You'll also be framing your business as eco-friendly, which can be great for your public image. Schedule an appointment for our EV charger installation services today to get started.